Winter – Into Darkness (1990)

I've been sharing a lot of death/doom bands with my friend trying to expand his doom knowledge beyond Candlemass type doom and it got me all fired up on listening to some death doom I haven't in a while. Of... Continue Reading →

Sear Bliss – Glory and Perdition (2004)

I’m sticking with the Hungarian duo of Winter and Andras for one more post. You may recall my posts this week about Nefarious and Forest Silence. The two were in another band together as well, and guess what, it’s awesome... Continue Reading →

Nefarious – The Universal Wrath (2012)

Remember yesterday’s post about Forest Silence and the main man behind that band, Winter? I mentioned one of the other bands he was in, Nefarious, deserved a post on here. Well, here is that post, so let’s keep going with... Continue Reading →

Forest Silence – Philosophy of Winter (2006)

I imagine Hungry is a cold and desolate place. It could very well not be but after listening to black metal musician Winter’s solo band Forest Silence and his lone full-length album Philosphy of Winter, I’m inclined to believe it’s... Continue Reading →

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