Best of Metal 2017

As far 2017 is concerned, it can just fuck right on off out of here. As I sat mouth agape at how fucking stupid and absolutely ridiculous this country behaved this year one of the saving graces was just how... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 09/15/2017

I'm 100% ready for Fall to start. Summer is outstaying it's welcome and it's starting to boil my brain away. Bring on the crisp air and hoodies. Fuck pumpkin spice everything and give me some metal for the season! NEW... Continue Reading →

Withershin – The Hungering Void (2010), Charnel Winds & Verge – Two Serpents (2012), Blood Stronghold – Blood Spilt in the Earth’s Viscera (2014)

Today’s post is going to be another EP round up. I present to you three short EPs that have nothing in relation to each other except that they are all face-smashingly awesome. Withershin - The Hungering Void (2010) And wouldn’t... Continue Reading →

Verge – Sex & Violence (2011)

I was digging into Finnish black metal last week looking for buried treasure when it dawned on me I have this Verge album that I haven’t listened to yet. Verge’s second full-length album and first to hit my ears, seems... Continue Reading →

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