Best of Metal Music 2018

Fuck yeah, it's that oh so special time of year... list time, jerks! The most fucking wonderful time of the year, well maybe not, but I sure fucking love list season. I'm always bowled over by how much stuff came... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 03/30/2018

There was nothing but exceptional new metal released this week. We're fucking spoiled over here while everything else is shit. Jesus sucks, enjoy some metal this weekend. NEW STUFF: Soul Dissolution - Stardust Goddamn, I’m such a sucker for this... Continue Reading →

Best Metal Albums of 2015

The past couple years have been amazingly impressive for metal. The sheer number of bands putting out incredible music is staggering and stretches all across the board, from old genre stalwarts, to new bands forging their own path, and bands... Continue Reading →

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