Holy Terror – Mind Wars (1988)

Thrash, a genre I used to think was a one trick pony, has supplied me with so many surprises and lost masterworks that it makes my fucking head spin. It must have been hard to be a thrash band in... Continue Reading →

Aurora Borealis – Mansions of Eternity EP (1996)

My buddy Ben shared this EP with me not too long ago and I’ve been sitting on it, for some reason, and finally delved in to it this afternoon. What intrigues me most about this band is they’re a black... Continue Reading →

Sanctuary – Refuge Denied (1988)

I remember checking out this bands 2014 album The Year the Sun Died as it was touted as yet another major metal comeback album. It wasn’t. Or at least to me it wasn’t. So I sort of wrote the band... Continue Reading →

Apocrypha – The Forgotten Scroll (1987)

I just can’t get enough of these 80′s, American power metal bands. The genre was so inventive back then. It was like the wild west of exploration combining speed/thrash/power/classic and NWOBHM into various beasts. Apocrypha do just that as well.... Continue Reading →

Fates Warning – Awaken the Guardian (1986)

I’m probably stepping in to a gigantic pool here as I know Fates Warning is a much loved, long-running band but I’ve always been sort of turned off by these excessively heady, extremely progressive forms of metal and rock. In... Continue Reading →

Crimson Glory – Transcendence (1988)

I think this may be the first time on this blog where I’ve done a second post about a band. I think it’s fitting that it’s Crimson Glory. I reviewed Crimson Glory’s, self-titled first album last April and I fucking... Continue Reading →

Crescent Shield – The Stars of Never Seen (2009)

It’s time for some fist pumping, blasting, head banging, epic, USA power metal and Crescent Shield fits the bill. Born as a collaboration between members of Onward and Destiny’s End (two bands I need to investigate more now) Crescent Shield... Continue Reading →

Griffin – Flight of the Griffin (1984)

I’m a sucker for early US power metal because it’s such a beast of a different color and the US isn’t really known for it’s contributions to the power metal genre. That honor typically goes to the Europeans, mainly Germany,... Continue Reading →

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