Weekly Playlist 07/14/2017

There wasn't much on my radar this week so I spent most of the time checking out new recommendations and new things I've stumbled on that I haven't given enough time to. Also put some non-metal stuff in my ears... Continue Reading →


Weekly Playlist 07/07/2017

Holy shit it's been two weeks since my weekly playlist updated and it's already into July. This crappy year just keeps on marching ahead, starting dumpster fire after dumpster fire in its wake. Good thing we've go heavy metal. Here's... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 06/23/2017

Since I was on vacation last week that means that this week you get a double weekly update. Lucky fucking you! Here we go, two weeks worth of awesome new metal, all packaged and ready to be delivered to your... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 04/14/2017

Good fucking week for metal. Damn good fucking week. And hey, new Star Wars trailer to boot. Not metal but it makes the week all that sweeter. Not feeling very wordy so just enjoy some great music from this week.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Metal Jams 04/15/2016

Mother nature is threatening us with a foot or more of snow just to remind us we are powerless against her whims. Whether your town will be covered in snowy death or not, this weekend is a perfect weekend to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Metal Jams 01/29/2016

This is going to have to be a quick one. Kind of a light week for new releases. Jammed a lot of older stuff this week. Metal. NEW STUFF: (Links in Titles) Conan - Revengeance I’ve been reading all the... Continue Reading →

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