Nokturnal Mortum – Golos Stali (Voice of Steel) (2009)

I may have already posted about this album and if I have, I don’t apologize because this album is a fucking monster of awesome sauce. There is good reason for the repeat as I just acquired the remastered version with... Continue Reading →

Lucifugum – Path of Wolf (1996) and Bekëth Nexëhmü – De urtida krafterna (2014)

I have a couple EPs and demos lying around that are pretty rad but don’t really warrant their own posts due to their short play length, so I’m combining a couple for today’s post. These bands aren’t related in anyway... Continue Reading →

Kroda – Schwarzpfad (2011)

Having just jammed their new album I thought I would go back and listen to their previous. Schwarzpfad is one of my favorite folk/heathen black metal albums. I know that sounds very specific but trust me, there’s a lot of... Continue Reading →

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