Exploration: Oz – Fire in the Brain (1983)

Let's stay with Finland since it worked out so well for us yesterday, but let's swing the metal pendulum over to the 80's and a more traditional form. Enter Oz. Before Finland was embarking on more disturbing and dirty paths... Continue Reading →

Züül – To the Frontlines (2012)

Hey, would you look at that. It's Halloween. It's been hard to get into the spirit of things this year what with the way the  world is, where real life horror is on display daily diminishing any manufactured horror cheers... Continue Reading →

Argus – Beyond the Martyrs (2013)

Argus is a band that I'm surprised I haven't listened to already, considering my love of traditional/power metal and traditional doom. Especially considering that Argus is one of the hallmark bands on the Cruz del Sur Music label, a label... Continue Reading →

Riot – Sons of Society (1999)

For a traditional/power metal band Riot is rather nebulous. There's all the different eras, sound changes, the vast amount of lineup changes of all instruments, and then there's the name change from Riot to "Riot V" (whatever that means), and... Continue Reading →

Procession – To Reap Heavens Apart (2013)

Sometimes a well written, impeccably performed, and insanely epic traditional doom metal album is all I want to hear. It usually falls on Candlemass', Atlantean Kodex's, or While Heaven Wept's shoulders to satiate me when I'm in these moods but... Continue Reading →

Grim Reaper – See You in Hell (1983), Fear No Evil (1985), Rock You to Hell (1987)

Every now and then I like to go back and explore these bands from the earlier to mid early (that's a thing) ear of metal. As my time as a metal devotee I'd often dismiss these early bands or NWOBHM... Continue Reading →

Black Sabbath – Headless Cross (1989)

"Black Sabbath? Again?" That's what I imagine my seven readers are saying. And yes, Black Sabbath again. As I explained before I've never been much of a Sabbath fan (Sabbath is how their fans refer to them, right) aside from the... Continue Reading →

Cryonic Temple – Blood, Guts & Glory (2003)

How about we stick with Sweden a little longer? I thought you wouldn't mind. We're in Sweden but let's switch gears from all the dark and brooding black metal we've been featuring. It's fucking time for some power metal! Fuck... Continue Reading →

Final Sign – Hold High the Flame (2015)

Stop. Take a look at the artwork for this album. It's a Conan like barbarian hold aloft his sword and the albums aforementioned flame, in the faces of a wall of nasty looking goblins or trolls or orcs or whatever... Continue Reading →

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