Weekly Playlist 02/02/2018

Well shit, thanks to a case of the sickness and a couple small weeks of new releases, January flew by with only one weekly playlist. Don't fucking cry, today's post is extra long and full of blasting awesome power (that's... Continue Reading →

Thor – Metal Avenger (2015)

Jon Mikl Thor is endlessly entertaining and the fucking epitome of overlooked and under-appreciated. If you aren't familiar with the man and his namesake band Thor, there's an amazingly enduring and entertainingly bonkers documentary on Netflix called I am Thor chronicling... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 08/11/2017

Holy fuck I skip a week and it's already well in August. As of this moment we haven't YET been blown off the face of the earth by two giant man babies with far too much power, but it could... Continue Reading →

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