Exploration: Syrus – Tales of War (2017)

There's a long and constantly growing list of metal bands from the 80's (and 90's, to some extent) dusting off their denim jackets and throwing themselves back in to the mix. It's hard to blame them, after all, nostalgia is... Continue Reading →

Solitude Aeturnus – Downfall (1996)

I've always thought of Solutide Aeturnus as the heavier, American version of Candlemass, and maybe that's because I heard vocalist Robert Lowe's amazing vocals first on Candlemasse's Death Magic Doom album (one of my favorites of the band) before I'd even heard of... Continue Reading →

Helstar – Nosferatu (1989)

80′s American power metal is a never ending well. Most of the best stuff has risen to the top but the further you go down, the more elusive and grimier albums are hiding from the light. Helstar fits somewhere in... Continue Reading →

Absu – The Third Storm of Cythraul (1997)

The great Absu is coming to my town (Denver) in a few weeks and I’m pretty fucking pumped to see them for the first time. Absu has been carrying the torch for American black metal for almost as long as... Continue Reading →

Devastation – Idolatry (1991)

In 1991 trash metals dominance was starting to wain. The genre had burnt so brightly it couldn’t keep up with itself. We all know the major bands of this genre but thrash has a lot of hidden gems left in... Continue Reading →

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