Pavor – Furioso (2003)

Sweet fuck, my work has been keeping me busy and I haven't been able to devote much time to these reviews as I'd like but today I stole some fucking time and I'm jumping back into my "to be explored"... Continue Reading →

Flourishing – The Sum of all Fossils (2011)

There's so much formula and redundancy in death metal nowadays that I find myself constantly on the look out for any band doing something original or unique or interesting within the genre. Granted there are bands that are trying to... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Alas – Absolute Purity (2001)

When I started to get seriously into metal and was just haphazardly trying everything out some of the first stuff my unrefined palette fell on was symphonic metal. Bands like Nightwish, Epica, Delain, After Forever, helped loosen my presupposed ideas... Continue Reading →

Cacophony – Speed Metal Symphony (1987)

I've never been a fan of those highly technical, neoclassical, flashy guitar virtuosos like Yngwie or Joe Satriani or anybody that makes up the tour of G3 that seems to only attract button down flame shirted Guitar Center techs with... Continue Reading →

Invocator – Weave the Apocalypse (1993)

Around this time last year I reviewed Invocator's first album Excursion Demise and extolled it's thrash nastiness. Being from Denmark and being the only other thrash band from Denmark I know of aside from Artillery, they sort of out Artillery-d Artillery with... Continue Reading →

Neuraxis – Trilateral Progression (2005)

I have no idea how this ended up in my folder of music to listen to. It rings no bells whatsoever. My best guess is that I must have grabbed it after reading a list of under appreciated bands/albums at... Continue Reading →

Forced Entry – As Above, So Below (1991)

The 90's is the fucking sweet spot for lost and under-appreciated thrash as the genre was in it's supposed death throws. But more tenacious  thrashers persisted despite the mainstream's concern with radio hits and ballads and whatnot and there in lies... Continue Reading →

Timeghoul – 1992-1994 Discography (2013)

Recently the band Blood Incantation has skyrocketed up my playlist and become one of my more favorite recent acts. Because of that I keep seeing, or keep getting recommended Timeghoul, a band lost to the ages. As it so happened,... Continue Reading →

Megace – Inner War (1999)

My buddy and metal guru Ben was singing the praises of this band and everything he had to say about it was catching my fucking attention. German, technical, thrash, speed, with a killer female vocalist. Fucking sold. Megace is in... Continue Reading →

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