Lux Occulta – Forever Alone, Immortal (1996)

I reviewed Lux Occulta's second album Dionys0s about a year ago when my buddy shared their first two albums with me. It has now taken me this long to listen to the first. Fucking slacker. Anywho, I loved the darkish, slightly progressive,... Continue Reading →

Necromicon – Peccata Mundi (2000)

There's been a lot of power metal on here so how about we change it up today? Swedish symphonic black/death metal it is! I wrote about Necromicon's album Sightveiler two years ago on this blog and as I recall it was fucking... Continue Reading →

Arkona – Imperium (1996)

I never get tired of repeating it, but metal is the gift that keeps on giving. Today I discovered Arkona through a stream of their new album (which is fucking rad) and low and behold, this is a band that's... Continue Reading →

Carach Angren – Lammendam (2008)

I recently saw Carach Angren live with Rotting Christ (more on them another day) and while I’m a casual fan of Carach and their silliness, they’re live show was pretty fucking engaging and I have to give them kudos. It... Continue Reading →

Tartaros – The Grand Psychotic Castle (1997) & The Red Jewel (1999)

And here we have Tartaros, a short lived Norwegian symphonic black metal band consisting of one member, Charmand Grimloch (if that name doesn’t give you a hint of where this is going…) who played live keyboards for Emperor. My buddy Ben... Continue Reading →

Estuary of Calamity – The Sentencing (2000)

My buddy and metal guru shared this band with me and upon hearing the sweet, sweet melodic riffing on the Youtube video I knew this was something I was going to have to track down. Well, that task proved hard... Continue Reading →

Necromicon – Sightveiler (1998)

Back to Sweden where the metal is always awesome. Today we have the hyper symphonic and melodic Necromicon. Another band I wasn’t familiar with until I put this album on. This is like a best of of Swedish black metal.... Continue Reading →

Parnassus – In Doloriam Gloria (1995)

I always seem to find my way back to Sweden… Parnassus existed for a brief period in the mid 90′s, which if you’ve been paying attention to my blog, know that’s right in the middle of the golden era for... Continue Reading →

Luca Turilli – Prophet of the Last Eclipse (2002)

It’s my birthday today and for my birthday I just want to listen to crazy epic, ridiculously awesome, over the top European power metal, and who does that better than Luca Turilli? To answer that somewhat rhetorical question, Blind Guardian,... Continue Reading →

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