Exploration: Odium – The Sad Realm of the Stars (1998)

When it comes to "Symphonic" Black Metal it's easy to identify the obvious bands. Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, even Bal-Sagoth (my personal favorite) steal a lot of the attention and in the mid the late 90's when every... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Obsidian Gate – The Nightspectral Voyage (1999)

Symphonic Black Metal is a genre I truly enjoy but find incredible difficult to talk about mostly because the genre is so dominated by comparisons to either Emperor, or Dimmu Borgir. To be fair, a lot of it does kind... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Sirius – Aeons of Magick (2000)

Whenever I see the word "Sirius" in a metal context I'm always reminded of the Therion album Sirius B. I don't even particularly like that album that much but it was one of the first "extreme" metal albums I ever listened... Continue Reading →

Review: Sar Isatum – Shurpu

I've been toying with the idea with changing up the blog a bit and one idea was to include featured reviews of new albums so when the opportunity presented itself to review the new debut from Sar Isatum I figured... Continue Reading →

Vesania – Firefrost Arcanum (2003)

I think I saw this band on Instagram or somewhere were somebody was saying something like this is the equal of Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse. Pretty fucking bold statement but one that peaked my interest to be sure, so I tracked... Continue Reading →

Covenant – Nexus Polaris (1998)

When I reviewed Covenant's first album In Times Before the Light a couple years ago I never bothered to follow up with any of the rest of the bands career because the would eventually rechristen themselves a Kovenant and move into a... Continue Reading →

Sad Legend – The Revenge of Soul (2009)

I can't rightly think, off the top of my head, of any metal bands from South Korea I'm familiar with. At least not any black metal bands. Here to rectify that is the unassumingly named Sad Legend. If I only... Continue Reading →

Royal Hunt – Paradox (1997)

Usually when I stumble on to those "under rated" power metal lists I usually at least recognize the bands, whether visually or by name or I've already heard their music. Royal Hun was one of the bands I'd not ever... Continue Reading →

Ishtar – Krig (1999)

How long has it been since we've traveled to Sweden? Too fucking long most likely. So let's correct that now with some Ishtar. Coming in at the final second of the 90's with their one and only full-length (you know... Continue Reading →

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