Tension – Breaking Point (1986)

Oh yes. Obscure 80′s, one album only, American power/speed metal. The sweetest fruit. As mentioned, Tension existed for one sweet album in 1986, during that sweet, wild west time of American power metal where the scene and style was open... Continue Reading →

Agent Steel – Skeptics Apocalypse (1985)

There are so many hidden metal treasures from the 80′s. It was a prolific time for the genre, with so many styles developing and so many bands creating new sounds and ways of exploring metal. It led to a ton... Continue Reading →

X Japan – Vanishing Vision (1988)

I don’t get over to Japan very often on this blog and I’ve never had a Japanese power/speed/classic metal band on here before. It’s not a country whose metal contributions I’m as familiar with as Europe and America but whenever... Continue Reading →

Sodom – Agent Orange (1989)

I felt like some classic German thrash today so here’s some fucking Sodom. Now, as much as I love the old German thrash bands (Kreator and Destruction) I’ve never really delved to much into Sodom. I have their first album... Continue Reading →

Exciter – Violence and Force (1984)

Despite my complete emersion into metal there are bands that might be well known or highly regarded that I’ve just not really explored or listened to. I think Exciter fits that bill.  They’re a band I’ve been away of forever... Continue Reading →

Angel Dust – To Dust You Will Decay (1988)

Much like fellow German countrymen Helloween and Blind Guardian, Angel Dust started their career more in the speed metal zone. It seems to me that speed metal can easily transfer into power metal. Angel Dust, however, doesn’t seem to get... Continue Reading →

Razor – Violent Restitution (1988)

I’ve been meaning to delve into Canada’s Razor for a while now but they always seemed to get passed up. In 2015, Relapse started re-releasing some of the Razor albums, restored and remastered so I figured that was a good... Continue Reading →

Iron Angel – Hellish Crossfire (1985)

The 80′s has so many hidden metal gems it’s mind-boggling. I suspect it was because metal was probably at it’s most fertile then with new genres popping up all the time and bands eager to explore all these sounds that... Continue Reading →

Running Wild – Black Hand Inn (1994)

I’m gearing up to see Blind Guardian tonight and I’m in a power metal mood so I figured I might share with you another German power metal band, seeing as that country is lousy with killer fucking power metal bands.... Continue Reading →

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