Hail Satan – Rad Metal EP Review and Interview

Just the name alone, Rad Metal by Hail Satan, is enough to tell you exactly what the fuck you're in for with this EP. That, being super party, good times focused thrash/speed metal nastiness. Rad Metal is almost a battle cry belched into... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Grinder – Dawn for the Living (1988)

Germany has given us an insurmountable amount of just fucking killer, and often classic, thrash and speed metal bands over the past thirty plus years so it's no surprise that some bands would slip through the Teutonic cracks and falling... Continue Reading →

Helloween – Walls of Jericho (1985)

When it comes to Helloween I've always maintained that all you really need are the two Keeper of the Seven Keys albums. Those, in my opinion, are the template for power metal. I've heard some of the albums after those two but... Continue Reading →

Megace – Inner War (1999)

My buddy and metal guru Ben was singing the praises of this band and everything he had to say about it was catching my fucking attention. German, technical, thrash, speed, with a killer female vocalist. Fucking sold. Megace is in... Continue Reading →

October 31

I'm sure you've noticed that today is in fact Halloween. My Halloween spirit is near zero this Halloween but that doesn't mean the rest of you can't enjoy the happenings, and I'm here to help. For me, music plays a... Continue Reading →

Holy Terror – Mind Wars (1988)

Thrash, a genre I used to think was a one trick pony, has supplied me with so many surprises and lost masterworks that it makes my fucking head spin. It must have been hard to be a thrash band in... Continue Reading →

Sanctuary – Refuge Denied (1988)

I remember checking out this bands 2014 album The Year the Sun Died as it was touted as yet another major metal comeback album. It wasn’t. Or at least to me it wasn’t. So I sort of wrote the band... Continue Reading →

Invocator – Excursion Demise (1991)

I’ve been in a bit of a thrash mood the past couple weeks. I’ve been jamming some old classics, filling out some discographies here and there, and finding killer new, well, new to me, thrash classics. Take today’s featured band... Continue Reading →

Purgatory – Tied to the Trax (1986)

Purgatory combine a lot of my metal weaknesses into one fucking package: One full-length release, 80′s, American power/speed/thrash metal. Who am I to deny? Well, I’m not and if you heard this you wouldn’t either. The power/speed/thrash hybrid I mentioned... Continue Reading →

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