speed metal

Hellripper – Complete and Total Fucking Mayhem (2016)

Hellripper literally came ripping out of nowhere with their debut album this year and instantly put all the retro black/thrash/speed bands to shame in one fell swoop. Mostly due to the fact that the music is so unrelentingly captivating and... Continue Reading →

Holy Moses – Finished with the Dogs (1987)

After putting on Holy Moses you'd think you'd have just heard a new era thrash band. "Sounds a lot like Municipal Waste, Black Breath, or Power Trip." Now here comes the (unsurprising) kicker... Finished with the Dogs came out in 1987. WAY... Continue Reading →

Cacophony – Speed Metal Symphony (1987)

I've never been a fan of those highly technical, neoclassical, flashy guitar virtuosos like Yngwie or Joe Satriani or anybody that makes up the tour of G3 that seems to only attract button down flame shirted Guitar Center techs with... Continue Reading →

Demona – Metal Through the Time (2012)

I'm not sure how this got into my folder of unexplored metal but for some reason it stuck out at me today when I was perusing the older files in there so I put it on unheard. I wasn't sure... Continue Reading →

Helloween – Walls of Jericho (1985)

When it comes to Helloween I've always maintained that all you really need are the two Keeper of the Seven Keys albums. Those, in my opinion, are the template for power metal. I've heard some of the albums after those two but... Continue Reading →

Wardance – Heaven is for Sale (1990)

Two coincidental things are happening this week. 1: Banger TV is doing an episode on Speed Metal today. 2: My buddy Ben shared some music with me. Amongst that music was a band called Wardance which Metal Archives has labeled... Continue Reading →

Liege Lord – Master Control (1988)

Oh sweet 80's American power metal, how I adore thee. Here's fucking Liege Lord, with what I'm now considering a genuine lost classic of the genre and time period. This is the band all these retro/homage 80's speed/power metal bands... Continue Reading →

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