Altarage – Nihl (2016)

Of all the different shades and subtleties found within extreme metal there're some bands that go even further to the extreme and delve into the surreal and dismal. Bands like Portal, Desolate Shrine, and Spain's Altarage are purveyors of such... Continue Reading →

Dark Moor – Shadowland (1999)

Welcome to 2016! Seeing as this is my first metal exploration post of the year I figured some power metal was in order. Lets delve in Dark Moor. I tend to think of Dark Moor as two different bands. There’s... Continue Reading →

Frozen Dawn – The Old Prophecy of Winterland (2011)

While I can pinpoint exact regional black metal bands I like and expound upon particular countries style and influence on the genre, Spain is not a country I’m all that familiar with. Sure, I enjoy Teitanblood and Numen but that’s... Continue Reading →

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