Weekly Playlist 09/26/2018

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Weekly, sure, but what really matters is how much amazing music you're in store for now due to my lack of constant updates. It's metal Christmas at the end of September. You lucky fucks, you... Windfaerer -... Continue Reading →

Satan – Court in the Act (1983)

Satan were a NWOBHM band that existed for two albums in the 80′s (this being their first release) who then just sort of disappeared until their triumphant return in 2013, then followed up on that with their killer 2015 release.... Continue Reading →

Gloria Diaboli – Gate To Sheol (2006) & Libation Unto He Who Dwelleth in the Depth (2012)

Sometimes you just need a healthy dose of Satanic black metal. Good thing we have Gloria Diaboli and their unwavering devotion to such evilness. The band plays no frills, blasting black metal. One might call it “orthodox” but I’ve never been... Continue Reading →

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