Grond – Worship the Kraken (2016)

My buddy Steve, and fellow podcast cohost, shared some metal with me recently and amongst the pile was Grond, a band I wasn't familiar with until hearing them today. When I previewed the files and the album artwork for Worship the... Continue Reading →

Merknet – Nigra Diaconia (2013)

Ok, so this one sort of took by surprise so I apologize if this review is a bit off. I briefly scrubbed this through on Youtube before I got the album and what I heard sounded like some good, dissonant,... Continue Reading →

Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom (2015)

2015 might have been the year I scoured through the most music. It was a phenomenal year for metal and jaw-dropping albums just came one after another, unrelentingly, month after month, week after week. Even then, Grey Heaven passed my... Continue Reading →

Walknut – Graveforests and The Shadows (2007)

This one is fresh from today. My buddy recommended this band to by simply saying “It’s fucking amazing!” Not one to lead me astray, I jammed this out and found it to be just that. Fucking. Amazing. Walknut hail from Russia... Continue Reading →

Scald – Will of Gods Is a Great Power (1996)

I hadn’t heard anything about Scald before. Not to say that I should have given my limited knowledge of doom metal, especially obscure Russian doom bands that existed for one album in the mid 90’s. It seems this album is... Continue Reading →

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