Profundi – The Omega Rising (2006)

I've been slacking on the Swedish love around here so lets correct that right fucking now. You may recall my review of Dead Silent Slumber's Entombed in the Midnight Hour from a couple months or so ago and how much I enjoyed... Continue Reading →


Ripper – Raising the Corpse (2014)

I've not been feeling very analytical or verbose recently which sucks because I like to write these blog posts about metal. In times of slacking inspiration or mental exhaustion I just want to put something on that fucking shreds nonstop.... Continue Reading →

Eructation – The Fumes of Putrefaction (1992 – 1995) Compilation (2016)

Fucking riff city here. Just fucking riffs for days. That's what's going on with Eructation, an extremely short lived early 90's Swedish band. Only putting out one demo in 1992, make another lost demo and ill fated EP, they existed... Continue Reading →

Mutant – The Aeonic Majesty (2001)

Holy fuck, Sweden. You’re the metal gift that keeps on giving. Speaking of holy fucks, Mutant’s one and only full-length is full of them.  Mutant is probably the perfect name for this band as they take black metal, add some... Continue Reading →

Sabbat – Dreamweaver (1989)

Let’s keep this thrash train rolling, shall we? Yet another revered thrash band I’ve been meaning to delve into is England’s Sabbat. Once again, after the first song started I immediately regretted not checking this band out sooner. Sabbat released... Continue Reading →

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