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Best of Metal Music 2018

Fuck yeah, it's that oh so special time of year... list time, jerks! The most fucking wonderful time of the year, well maybe not, but I sure fucking love list season. I'm always bowled over by how much stuff came... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 08/31/2018

August was a light trickle of new metal albums so I just waited until the end of the month and slammed all these fuckers together for one super post. And here it fucking is: The Lion’s Daughter - Future Cult... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 02/16/2018

It's only February and as far as metal is concerned, we've already had an amazing year. It's like the entirety of metal looked around and saw what shit this place is and said "we'll make it better" and then fucking... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 08/18/2017

I just want off this fucking planet. And I'm taking the metal with me. Here's some new stuff from the week. Do whatever you want with it. NEW JAMS: (Click those title links) Howls of Ebb/Khthoniik Cerviiks - With Gangreen... Continue Reading →

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