Gotham City – The Unknown (1984)

I love finding these early 80′s, obscure metal bands. Metal was at such a unique place at the time, fracturing off into to many styles that would become the standards we all know and love today. In that time there... Continue Reading →

Elixir – Son of Odin (1986)

Let’s jump into some older metal for today. Elixir came about at the tail end of the NWOBHM. It seemed as the genre was loosing steams, bands had to either fade out (and wait for nostalgia to kick in decades... Continue Reading →

Cloven Hoof – A Sultan’s Ransom (1989)

I like this 80′s classic heavy/power metal trip I’m on, so let’s stay there for today. Cloven Hoof get credited as a NWOBHM band (New Wave of British Heavy Metal if’n you’re wondering). They were a bit theatrical when they... Continue Reading →

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