Exploration: Oz – Fire in the Brain (1983)

Let's stay with Finland since it worked out so well for us yesterday, but let's swing the metal pendulum over to the 80's and a more traditional form. Enter Oz. Before Finland was embarking on more disturbing and dirty paths... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Torch – Torch (1983)

Before Sweden became home to buzzsaw death metal riffing and melodic black metal majesty they had a bit of a presence in the 80's with traditional and NWOBHM tinged metal. Now I'm not going to say these bands were the... Continue Reading →

Pagan Altar – Lords of Hypocrisy (2004)

And here we go... another band that is right up my alley that I've never listened to. Don't get me wrong, I've been very much aware of Pagan Altar for sometime now I just never took that dive, for whatever... Continue Reading →

Grim Reaper – See You in Hell (1983), Fear No Evil (1985), Rock You to Hell (1987)

Every now and then I like to go back and explore these bands from the earlier to mid early (that's a thing) ear of metal. As my time as a metal devotee I'd often dismiss these early bands or NWOBHM... Continue Reading →

Angel Witch – Angel Witch (1980)

Last night I went to the 2017 Decibel Tour (Kreator, Obituary, Midnight, Horrendous, and in Denver, Blood Incantation) and in between bands all night they were playing old NWOBHM. Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, the classics, some would say. The... Continue Reading →

Lizzy Borden – Love You to Pieces (1985)

Along with my love of all metal things Swedish and one album bands, (which I’ve rambled on and on about) I’m developing an obsession with early 80′s power metal. Particularly early 80′s American power metal. It was before the genre... Continue Reading →

Savatage – Hall of the Mountain King (1997)

Savatage. Another longstanding American band that I’ve only been aware of by name. I researched what was the general consensus on they bands best album and landed on Hall of the Mountain King and after reading that title immediately wondered why... Continue Reading →

Sortilege – Metamorphose (1984)

France, a country not widely known for a thriving metal scene. While that may be the case, France has produced some killer bands from all over the genres of metal extremity and not so extreme. Sortilege was an 80′s classic... Continue Reading →

Satan – Court in the Act (1983)

Satan were a NWOBHM band that existed for two albums in the 80′s (this being their first release) who then just sort of disappeared until their triumphant return in 2013, then followed up on that with their killer 2015 release.... Continue Reading →

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