Exploration: Odium – The Sad Realm of the Stars (1998)

When it comes to "Symphonic" Black Metal it's easy to identify the obvious bands. Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, even Bal-Sagoth (my personal favorite) steal a lot of the attention and in the mid the late 90's when every... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Frostmoon – Tordenkrig (1999)

Frostmoon existed for all of an EP release and a split release, all from between 1998 and 1999, culminating with a 1999 compilation of all their releases and a few unreleased tracks that were promised to be on the then... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Obliteration – Perpetual Decay (2007)

I was recently going through my iPod (yes I still jam my iPod, all the fucking time) to make some extra space for new stuff and I ran across Obliteration's 2013 album Black Death Horizon and instantly remembered all the buzz and... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Orth – Nocturno Inferno (2017)

A lost, 90's, Norwegian black metal album? Count me right the fuck in. Surprisingly this flew right over my radar last year (2017) as I didn't even hear a fucking peep of information or publicity for this, which is also... Continue Reading →

Satyricon – The Shadowthrone (1994)

Today is the first installment of a two part series called "Second Albums by Bands I Like That I Didn't Know Existed For Far Too Long" or something to that affect. Basically it's a review of two classic bands second... Continue Reading →

Covenant – Nexus Polaris (1998)

When I reviewed Covenant's first album In Times Before the Light a couple years ago I never bothered to follow up with any of the rest of the bands career because the would eventually rechristen themselves a Kovenant and move into a... Continue Reading →

Vestige of Virtue – Sophia (2014)

I've got a soft spot for melancholic, morose, gothy, doom metal. Bands like Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Anathema, While While Heaven Wept, and My Dying Bride are always so satisfying to my ears. Speaking of My Dying Bride, Today we have... Continue Reading →

Mortiis – Fodt Til A Herske (1994)

Please forgive me as I try to bumble through this review as it's a topic I'm not really that well versed in. So... Ambient Darkwave? Synth Wave? Dungeon Synth? These labels have been getting thrown around a lot recently and... Continue Reading →

Detente – Recognize No Authority (1986) & Nekromantheon – Divinity of Death (2010)

I've been so fucking angry at the world as of late and with the new Kreator and Overkill albums coming out mere weeks apart, thrash has been taking up a lot of my listening time. Especially when driving, which there... Continue Reading →

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