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Best of Metal 2017

As far 2017 is concerned, it can just fuck right on off out of here. As I sat mouth agape at how fucking stupid and absolutely ridiculous this country behaved this year one of the saving graces was just how... Continue Reading →

Best of 2017 Metal So Far…

Can you fucking believe we're half way through this dumpster fire of a year? Speaking of flaming garbage, while the whole country descends into utter madness my go to reprieve from the idiocy has been metal. True, it's alway my... Continue Reading →

Nokturnal Mortum – Golos Stali (Voice of Steel) (2009)

I may have already posted about this album and if I have, I don’t apologize because this album is a fucking monster of awesome sauce. There is good reason for the repeat as I just acquired the remastered version with... Continue Reading →

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