Exploration: Cirith Gorgor’s Onwards to the Spectral Defile (1999) and Unveiling the Essence (2001)

I've been so entrenched in death metal and new releases as of late that I forgot just have fucking satisfying blistering black can be. Enter Cirith Gorgor. Yes, another Lord of the Rings named band, this time named for the... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Phlebotomized – Immense Intense Suspense (1994)

I'm so used to being under a barrage of media that's all just part of the same constant hum of sameness that when I see something, or hear something, that eschews that monotony I cling to it like grim death.... Continue Reading →

Mystic Charm – Shadows of the Unknown (1994)

For the past couple months I've been surrounded by death/doom bands. Probably from my buddy Ben's YouTube episode about overlooked death/doom bands. Most of them are hailing from the 90's which is probably because that's when this genre really flourished,... Continue Reading →

Carach Angren – Lammendam (2008)

I recently saw Carach Angren live with Rotting Christ (more on them another day) and while I’m a casual fan of Carach and their silliness, they’re live show was pretty fucking engaging and I have to give them kudos. It... Continue Reading →

Unlord – Lord of Beneath (2002)

The Netherlands is a country I visit often on this blog. I’m hard pressed at the moment to come up with any other black metal bands from the country, other than say Countess or Carach Angren. Well now I can... Continue Reading →

Tyrantz Empire – Merauderz of the Monolith – The Omega Chapter (2010)

I couldn’t really find much information on this band other than this is their debut LP, the band hails from Amsterdam, and they play some fucking killer black thrash. I did however find this quote from the band: “Our objective is... Continue Reading →

Infinity – Non De Hac Terra (2012)

Over in the Netherlands, a country that hasn’t appeared very often on this blog, resides Infinity. Again, my buddy passed this along to me and I decided to explore the band further. What we have here is some solid as... Continue Reading →

The Gathering – Mandylion (1995)

Another band I was only familiar with by name. It seems they released two doom albums previous to this one but for Mandylion changed singers to Anneke van Gaiersbergen (who fronted the band until 2007 but has also done vocals on... Continue Reading →

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