Weekly Playlist 11/09/2018

It's fucking November so it's probably time for another new music round up. Also if you're curious for some reason, yes I intend to get back to the exploration posts. Likely the beginning of next year. Maybe they'll be in... Continue Reading →

Dofka – Humanity Bleak (2010)

A song from this album was sent to my by my buddy with the preface of "the drummer from Nechochwen sings on this album." Fucking rad! I love Nechochwen and their neo-folk, atmospheric black metal. This should be awesome. Hitting... Continue Reading →

Best Metal Albums of 2015

The past couple years have been amazingly impressive for metal. The sheer number of bands putting out incredible music is staggering and stretches all across the board, from old genre stalwarts, to new bands forging their own path, and bands... Continue Reading →

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