Dark Funeral – Vobiscum Satanas (1998)

Dark Funeral is not one of my favorite bands, yet I've now heard all of their albums. I'm not sure I'd even rank them in my top 50 band list, as if such a thing exists, but I do enjoy... Continue Reading →

Sad Legend – The Revenge of Soul (2009)

I can't rightly think, off the top of my head, of any metal bands from South Korea I'm familiar with. At least not any black metal bands. Here to rectify that is the unassumingly named Sad Legend. If I only... Continue Reading →

Astrophobos – Remnants of Forgotten Horrors (2014)

Is there anything Swedish black metal can't do? Suck, apparently. Take today's subject, Astrophobos. This is the kind of black metal that is just so fucking soothing to me. So satisfying. Riff based, melodic, furious, catchy black metal. It might... Continue Reading →

Dämmerfarben – Im Abendrot (2011)

You can't beat a good atmospheric black metal album. At least, not for me. Atmospheric black metal was some of the first I ever got into and I'm always attracted to bands who work with this style. I know the... Continue Reading →

Dead Silent Slumber – Entombed in the Midnight Hour (1999)

Look at what we have here... a Swedish, one-man black metal band that only put out one album in the 90s? Be still my beating heart. And holy fuck is this album a doozy. Yet again another brilliant example of... Continue Reading →

Hin Onde – Songs of Battle (2000)

I find myself often discussing folk metal on here and usually I'll say something like "it's not folk metal like Finntroll or Korpiklaani," and I realize that that might be confusing, or hard to grasp, especially when bans like Hin Onde... Continue Reading →

Ishtar – Krig (1999)

How long has it been since we've traveled to Sweden? Too fucking long most likely. So let's correct that now with some Ishtar. Coming in at the final second of the 90's with their one and only full-length (you know... Continue Reading →

Bran Barr – Sidh (2010)

Remember how awesome Heol Telwen were in yesterday's post? How could you forget? Well, they only released that one full-length then disappeared in a cloud of folk metal mastery. Luckily for us a couple members went on to make Bran Barr's Sidh album... Continue Reading →

Crystal Age – Far Beyond Divine Horizons (1995)

Swedish? Check. 90s? Double check. Only album? Check, check, check. Melodic as fuck death metal with a sci-fi theme? Sweet holy hell, check. Then how the fuck did I miss this for so long? It's the sort of album that... Continue Reading →

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