Weekly Playlist 07/06/2018

Holy fuck, it's been a minute since I've updated this. Well I left the country for a while and now I'm back so here's a HUGE round up of killer new metal from the past month or so. Progenie Terrestre... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Marduk – Dark Endless (1992)

It's easy to dismiss Marduk nowadays with their ridiculous faux-drama and their machine like devotion to blast beat insanity, but Marduk was once a crucial and masterful band. I know they've had their ups and downs and lineup changes vast... Continue Reading →

Marduk – Plague Angel (2004)

I’m a pretty big Marduk fan. Particularly their first four albums. I think those are some of the best black (and death) metal albums from the time and still to this day. Their last two albums were pretty good as... Continue Reading →

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