Sigh – Gallows Gallery (2005)

As far as I'm concerned Sigh can never get enough attention or credit, which is fucking weird because it seems like to me that they don't. I mean for fuck's sake, they've been around since the early 90's and their... Continue Reading →

Coffins – Buried Death (2008)

Sometimes for no real reason or through complete randomness bands seem to repeatedly pop up in my internet browsing habits or through conversation and for some reason it feels like I'm constantly seeing or hearing stuff about Coffins as of... Continue Reading →

Intestine Baalism – Ultimate Instinct (2008)

I really need to explore more Japanese metal bands. As it stands, on this blog, there's only ONE Japanese band covered. That's all on me, because I love some Japanese bands, but I've never glommed on to that countries output... Continue Reading →

X Japan – Vanishing Vision (1988)

I don’t get over to Japan very often on this blog and I’ve never had a Japanese power/speed/classic metal band on here before. It’s not a country whose metal contributions I’m as familiar with as Europe and America but whenever... Continue Reading →

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