Weekly Playlist 08/11/2017

Holy fuck I skip a week and it's already well in August. As of this moment we haven't YET been blown off the face of the earth by two giant man babies with far too much power, but it could... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 07/28/2017

I think August and September are gearing up to be splendid months for new metal releases that I'm waiting for. July has been a little sparse but that gives me time to discover other new stuff I've been missing or... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 07/21/2017

Another light week in regards to new metal, at least for me. There was one new, BIG, release this week that sent the metal world all a flutter but it wasn't on my list, but I gave it a shot... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 07/14/2017

There wasn't much on my radar this week so I spent most of the time checking out new recommendations and new things I've stumbled on that I haven't given enough time to. Also put some non-metal stuff in my ears... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 07/07/2017

Holy shit it's been two weeks since my weekly playlist updated and it's already into July. This crappy year just keeps on marching ahead, starting dumpster fire after dumpster fire in its wake. Good thing we've go heavy metal. Here's... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 06/09/2017

It's half way through this fucking dumpster fire of a year so that means all the "best of so far" lists should be starting to pop up. This isn't one of them, but next week it will be. Mark my... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 06/02/2017

It's June. That's a thing that happened. Also things that happened. Metal. New metal in fact. Awesome new metal in more fact. Here it is for you. NEW STUFF (Best be clicking those titles): Legionnaire - Dawn of Genesis Goddamn... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 05/26/2017

This week ¬†was a little slower in general but it did produce a handful and solid, and sometimes fun new metal albums. Nothing here that's going to change the world but man oh man was it a fun week. I've... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 05/19/2017

If the name of the game last week was The Ruins of Beverast and Nokturnal Mortum, then this week it's fucking Loss and Darkenhold. Holy fuck, these past two weeks have slim but what we did get are some of... Continue Reading →

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