Exploration: The Kill – Kill Them… All (2015)

You may have noticed a general lack of grindcore around here. That's because I'm just not that into grind and the bands I do like I feel out of my wheelhouse when trying to dissect and discuss, but the aggressive... Continue Reading →


Upsidedown Cross – Upsidedown Cross (1991)

One look album and it's hard to take seriously, and after listening to it, I'm sure that's exactly what the band was going for. Gracing the cover is a rather goofy looking Aleister Crowley posing in the traditional Buddha pose, with... Continue Reading →

Jaldaboath – The Rise of the Heraldic Beast (2010)

Are you ready for some comedy? Humor is not something that metal is really known for, at least not intentionally. I think you have to have a healthy sense of humor when wading through the darker realms of metal considering... Continue Reading →

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