Weekly Playlist 10/12/2018

Half way through October and this month has been unrelenting in it's desire to consume all of my life with amazing new metal. Seems to be the trend this year so far. While the rest of the country falls apart... Continue Reading →

Exploration: The Kill – Kill Them… All (2015)

You may have noticed a general lack of grindcore around here. That's because I'm just not that into grind and the bands I do like I feel out of my wheelhouse when trying to dissect and discuss, but the aggressive... Continue Reading →

Best of 2017 Metal So Far…

Can you fucking believe we're half way through this dumpster fire of a year? Speaking of flaming garbage, while the whole country descends into utter madness my go to reprieve from the idiocy has been metal. True, it's alway my... Continue Reading →

Mule Skinner – Abuse (1996)

I am not a Grind guy. Nothing against the genre, I think it's a perfectly legit and fruitful genre, I just don't get into it the same way as the other metal genres. Aside from some of the more well... Continue Reading →

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