Weekly Playlist 03/01/2019

Well shit. I guess it's March. That's one month better than February. Regardless of human constructed calendars the metal relentlessly keeps dominating this stupid year. Here it comes now... Grafvitnir - Venenum Scorpionis Grafvitnir have been quietly releasing some of... Continue Reading →

Last Weekly Playlist for the Year

Well, 2017 sure was made out bullshit, wasn't it? Maybe 2018 will stink less? Only time will tell. Speaking of time, I'm out of here until next year. The metal was good this year and I'm hoping it'll continue to... Continue Reading →

Grafvitnir – Necrosophia (2015)

A late discover from 2016 was Grafvitnir's power house of an album Obeisance to a Witch Moon, recommended by my buddy Ben, so I knew it was going to be a crusher. And of course it was, oozing 90’s Swedish black metal from... Continue Reading →

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