Exploration: Sacriversum – Shadow of the Golden Fire (1994)

Sacriversum were a Polish metal band dating back all the fucking way to 1993. Holy fuck, Poland in 1993? How come this band doesn't get more attention for that alone? Probably because after this blistering debut they jumped headlong into... Continue Reading →

Saturnus – Martyre (2000)

My buddy Ben Smasher has been extolling his favorite death/doom albums recently on his YouTube channel and if you're into that genre mashup of metal you'd do good to check out his video. His recommendations and features are always interesting... Continue Reading →

Vestige of Virtue – Sophia (2014)

I've got a soft spot for melancholic, morose, gothy, doom metal. Bands like Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Anathema, While While Heaven Wept, and My Dying Bride are always so satisfying to my ears. Speaking of My Dying Bride, Today we have... Continue Reading →

EbonyLake – On the Eve of the Grimly Inventive (1999)

I recall hearing EbonyLake's 2011 album In Swathes of Brooding Light but now I can't really recall what it was like. Especially after hearing their previous debut album from twelve years earlier. This will give me good cause to revisit Brooding Light, but until... Continue Reading →

Fear of God – Within the Veil (1991)

The other day I posted about the thrash band Detente and promised there would be a follow up about their lead singer Dawn Crosby. Here's me keeping my to my word. After fucking crushing it with Detente, Dawn would emerge... Continue Reading →

Kreator – Endorama (1999)

Welcome to Kreator week! Kreator has a new album coming out this week and seeing as they are one of my favorite bands I thought it might be fun to explore the "darker" era of the band. That's right, that... Continue Reading →

Lux Occulta – Forever Alone, Immortal (1996)

I reviewed Lux Occulta's second album Dionys0s about a year ago when my buddy shared their first two albums with me. It has now taken me this long to listen to the first. Fucking slacker. Anywho, I loved the darkish, slightly progressive,... Continue Reading →

Green Carnation – Light of Day, Day of Darkness (2001)

Green Carnation, another band I'd not heard that was shared in a pile of other music from my buddy, seems like a band I would have heard by now, mostly because they're the band that proceeded and followed the In... Continue Reading →

Fermenting Innards – Myst (1995)

Let's stick with the German black metal theme for another day. This band hits me in three of my nerdy metal spots: Mid 90's black metal, they only have one full-length release, and fucking Dan Swano is involved. Now you... Continue Reading →

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