Pavor – Furioso (2003)

Sweet fuck, my work has been keeping me busy and I haven't been able to devote much time to these reviews as I'd like but today I stole some fucking time and I'm jumping back into my "to be explored"... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Rusting Sun – Far from All Light (2013)

Kudos again to my buddy and metal guru Brain Smasher for knowing exactly what's going to blow my brains all over. Despite both of our interest in the band Odal, I didn't know that their main two members were also... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Grinder – Dawn for the Living (1988)

Germany has given us an insurmountable amount of just fucking killer, and often classic, thrash and speed metal bands over the past thirty plus years so it's no surprise that some bands would slip through the Teutonic cracks and falling... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Obsidian Gate – The Nightspectral Voyage (1999)

Symphonic Black Metal is a genre I truly enjoy but find incredible difficult to talk about mostly because the genre is so dominated by comparisons to either Emperor, or Dimmu Borgir. To be fair, a lot of it does kind... Continue Reading →

Satan’s Blood – Weltmacht (1999)

I'm not saying that regionality always affects what a band sounds like but more often than not bands from specific influential areas tend to carry some of the traits that region is known for, particularly Sweden and Germany, unless you're... Continue Reading →

Holy Moses – Finished with the Dogs (1987)

After putting on Holy Moses you'd think you'd have just heard a new era thrash band. "Sounds a lot like Municipal Waste, Black Breath, or Power Trip." Now here comes the (unsurprising) kicker... Finished with the Dogs came out in 1987. WAY... Continue Reading →

Shores of Ladon – Eindringling (2013)

It's been a while since we've been to Germany for some black metal. So here we fucking go: Shores of Ladon. Shores of Ladon's one and only full-length (so far) just comes launching out of the fucking gate with a... Continue Reading →

Protector – Urm the Mad (1989)

When I loaded this up in the iTunes seeing that it was barely over 30 minutes, I was expecting some awesome German 80's thrash, and thrash I got. What I wasn't expecting was how much death metal and death/doom was... Continue Reading →

Helloween – Walls of Jericho (1985)

When it comes to Helloween I've always maintained that all you really need are the two Keeper of the Seven Keys albums. Those, in my opinion, are the template for power metal. I've heard some of the albums after those two but... Continue Reading →

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