Vendetta – Go and Live… Stay and Die (1987)

I think thrash, more so than the other metal genres, is the one that is misrepresented the most. Maybe not misrepresented but pigeonholed the most perhaps. Most genres acknowledge numerous innovators and and legendary acts where as thrash has really... Continue Reading →

Tankard – The Morning After (1988)

I’ve been in a thrash mood so let’s continue with the Teutonic metal, shall we? After my last post about Destruction, my buddy suggested Tankard’s The Morning After to me. I was only partially familiar with Tankard and you know I... Continue Reading →

Gratzug – Erhabenheit (2015)

This one was a blind listen. My buddy Ben shared it with me and I saw from the track listing that they do a Lunar Aurora cover and that immediately peaked my interest. Given that they cover Lunar Aurora perhaps... Continue Reading →

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