Exploration: Aldaaron – Nous Reviendrons Immortels (2010)

When this was shared with my I saw the name Aldaaron and thought" fucking sweet, that's the planet they blow up in Star Wars!" But upon actually looking at the album and seeing a depiction of the Battle of Helm's... Continue Reading →

Mercyless – Abject Offerings (1992)

Holy fuck, do you think anybody was paying attention to French death metal in 1992? I'd wager not very many people were, which is probably why this Mercyless album is an obscurity amongst death metal from that time. Mercyless are... Continue Reading →

Aes Dana – Formors (2005)

I couple weeks ago I never would have guessed that France, of all fucking places, would not only have produced one of the best folk/black metal albums I've ever heard, but that they also contain a group of musicians sprawling... Continue Reading →

Bran Barr – Sidh (2010)

Remember how awesome Heol Telwen were in yesterday's post? How could you forget? Well, they only released that one full-length then disappeared in a cloud of folk metal mastery. Luckily for us a couple members went on to make Bran Barr's Sidh album... Continue Reading →

Heol Telwen – An Deiz Ruz (2005)

Sweet. Fucking. Satan. This album. Oh my. This album is seriously one of the most infectious albums I've ever heard. What the fuck is going on here? Let's back up. My buddy Ben shared some more music with me recently... Continue Reading →

Ancalagon – First Age: Entering Legenda (2001)

My buddy and metal guru Ben sends me Facebook messages with Youtube links often without any preface or description of what said video is, but I know that whatever it is, it's going to be fucking awesome. Ancalagon is fucking... Continue Reading →

Haemoth – Vice, Suffering and Destruction (2004)

I’m sure over the past year or two I’ve been doing these posts the word “fast, hateful, raw, furious, intense” have come up a million times. At fucking least. There’s only so many ways my limited vocabulary can talk about black... Continue Reading →

Alcest – Souvenirs d’un autre monde (2007)

Alcest was one of the first “post” black metal bands I heard and upon first listen, drastically reconfigured my ideas of what black metal could be. Let’s back up for a second… Alcest is one of many (awesome) projects from French... Continue Reading →

Sortilege – Metamorphose (1984)

France, a country not widely known for a thriving metal scene. While that may be the case, France has produced some killer bands from all over the genres of metal extremity and not so extreme. Sortilege was an 80′s classic... Continue Reading →

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