Best Non-Metal of 2018

There's a five to ten percent where I'm not listening to metal, or I'm just in the mood for something else, and in that window I find music that is just as impactful for me as metal. I just spend... Continue Reading →

Best of Non-Metal 2017

List-o-mania season is upon us and who am I to fucking deny? It's all the rage nowadays to talk shit about these lists and the the intent of them and everybody wants to be the guard of the "like what... Continue Reading →

Skyclad – A Burnt Offering from the Bone Idol (1992)

On a recent episode of Banger TV they discussed the Top 10 or so "essential" Folk Metal albums and right off the bat decided that Skyclad's first album The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth to be the genre legend, meaning that this... Continue Reading →

Aes Dana – Formors (2005)

I couple weeks ago I never would have guessed that France, of all fucking places, would not only have produced one of the best folk/black metal albums I've ever heard, but that they also contain a group of musicians sprawling... Continue Reading →

Hin Onde – Songs of Battle (2000)

I find myself often discussing folk metal on here and usually I'll say something like "it's not folk metal like Finntroll or Korpiklaani," and I realize that that might be confusing, or hard to grasp, especially when bans like Hin Onde... Continue Reading →

Vintersorg – Till fjälls (1998)

Sticking with the Swedish theme, I saw that Vintersorg, a band I'm always curious to hear what's new with, are releasing a new album and "sequel" to their very first album Till fjalls appropriately titled Till fjalls, del II, so I though it appropriate... Continue Reading →

Bran Barr – Sidh (2010)

Remember how awesome Heol Telwen were in yesterday's post? How could you forget? Well, they only released that one full-length then disappeared in a cloud of folk metal mastery. Luckily for us a couple members went on to make Bran Barr's Sidh album... Continue Reading →

Heol Telwen – An Deiz Ruz (2005)

Sweet. Fucking. Satan. This album. Oh my. This album is seriously one of the most infectious albums I've ever heard. What the fuck is going on here? Let's back up. My buddy Ben shared some more music with me recently... Continue Reading →

Thy Worshiper – Czarna Dzika Czerwien (2014)

Ever since Thy Worshiper's 2016 album Klechdy place so highly on my year end list I've been meaning to go back and check out the bands other works. The Bandcamp ACLU charity drive Friday gave me the perfect excuse to grab some... Continue Reading →

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