Exploration: Crimson Midwinter – Random Chaos (1998)

It's been fucking blazingly, stupidly hot around here so some chilling Finnish metal is just what I needed to remind me of colder weather that isn't trying to melt my brain. Instead I opted to let Crimson Midwinter melt my... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Oz – Fire in the Brain (1983)

Let's stay with Finland since it worked out so well for us yesterday, but let's swing the metal pendulum over to the 80's and a more traditional form. Enter Oz. Before Finland was embarking on more disturbing and dirty paths... Continue Reading →

Rippikoulu – Musta Seremonia (1993)

One day somebody is going to make that documentary or write that book about Finnish extreme metal and it's unique nastiness and if it's a proper work, it'll include Rippikoulu and their monstrous second and final demo. See, Rippikoulu crammed... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Unholy – The Second Ring of Power (1994)

I told you last year I had a whole pile of overlooked death/doom albums and while I may be nearing the end of that stack I'll undoubtedly find more tucked away in some cobweb and dust coated crypt of the... Continue Reading →

Dolorian – When All the Laughter Has Gone (1999)

By now you know, or are aware, that a lot of metal fans have seasonal musical tastes. While we actually listen to all genres all year round, the fall spurs on so many fond memories and comforting feelings aided by... Continue Reading →

Hin Onde – Songs of Battle (2000)

I find myself often discussing folk metal on here and usually I'll say something like "it's not folk metal like Finntroll or┬áKorpiklaani," and I realize that that might be confusing, or hard to grasp, especially when bans like Hin Onde... Continue Reading →

Scum – Garden of Shadows (1996)

Finnish 90's death metal. Such a sentence should send a shiver of excitement up your spine. The Finnish do know how to craft some death metal and are no slouches when it comes to classic bands and albums from that... Continue Reading →

Shape of Despair – Alone in the Mist (2016)

Before Finnish doom-sters Shape of Despair were pounding out slow, dirge-y, sorrowful, crushingly heavy doom, they were pounding out slow, dirge-y, sorrowful, crushingly heavy doom. However they were doing it under the name Raven and this new release is actually... Continue Reading →

Sonata Arctica – Ecliptica (1999)

I'll spare you my "why is power metal so shit on" and my "why isn't this genre more popular" power metal┬árants this time, because I'm sick of typing it and a longer, more detailed and thought out version of the... Continue Reading →

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