Tanagra – None of This is Real (2015)

On the metal forums and websites I frequent power metal rarely comes up so when it does (in a non mocking manner) I always take notice and read every word of the article or scour the forum thread looking for... Continue Reading →

Bal-Sagoth – Battle Magic (1998)

Fuck yes! It’s time for more Bal-Sagoth to help clearly define to word “epic” for you. No, it’s not the pumpkin space latte craft beer you just had nor is it whatever some stupid actor said about politics. It’s Bal-Sagoth, pure... Continue Reading →

Heavy Load – Stronger Than Evil (1983)

I’ve written a lot about Sweden and their impact on extreme metal. Their contributions from the early nighties are what one tends to think of first but what about early eighties traditional/power metal? Sweden had a blustering metal scene in... Continue Reading →

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