Evoken – Antithesis of Light (2005)

It only took halfway through November for it to snow in Denver so today feels like it calls for some fucking funeral doom, because the snow makes me miserable. Evoken, everybody. Now I believe I posted about Evoken way back... Continue Reading →


Evoken – Quietus (2001)

A couple of entries back I check out Evoken’s Atra Mors (2012). That album was so incredible I figured I might as well check out another one of the bands offerings. This is their second album and came out eleven... Continue Reading →

Evoken – Atra Mors (2012)

I’ve covered a wide selection of doom metal here. Traditional, funeral, stoner, epic, goth, death, experimental, but Evoken stand on their own. Their sound isn’t easily classifiable. It is doom for sure, but what kind is anyone’s guess. And truly,... Continue Reading →

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