Weekly Playlist 03/16/2018

Just in case you aren't familiar with what this post is about, Here's a whole bunch of super rad metal albums that came out the past couple weeks. Try something new while you fucking cry over a toy store closing. NEW... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 09/08/2017

Just. Metal. In. Your. Ears. Everything else out of your ears. NEW STUFF: (Click on those titles) Blazon Stone - Down in the Dark These guys exude cheesiness but they write such catchy songs it’s hard to hold it against... Continue Reading →

Hate Forest – The Most Ancient Ones (2001)

A Hate Forest sounds like the place for me. Nothing but hateful trees or a wooded area full of hate. Despite the imagery conjured by the bands name, I was a long time coming to this band. I’ve seen them... Continue Reading →

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