Make A Change… Kill Yourself – Fri (2012)

There's no pussy footing around with this band. Right out of the gate their name tells you so much already. Make A Change... Kill Yourself... depressive suicidal black metal? Am I right? I'm right. It may seem like I'm mocking... Continue Reading →

Abyssic Hate – Suicidal Emotions (2000)

If'n you combined early Darkthrone and early Ulver, the sound you'd get is Abyssic Hate, albeit with a extremely depressing and bleak atmosphere covering the whole thing. I say Darkthrone because Abyssic Hate is taken from a Darkthrone song and... Continue Reading →

Katatonia – Viva Emptiness (2003)

I'm super fucking excited to see Katatonia tomorrow night in Denver so I thought I'd take the opportunity to delve into a Katatonia album I've not heard before: Viva Emptiness. In the history of Katatonia you'd be hard pressed to find... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Tomb – Love’s Burial Ground (2004)

I haven’t featured much Italian metal on here. Not for the countries lack of output, probably more for my lack of trying. Let’s remedy that with some Forgotten Tomb. I love this bands 2003 release Springtime Depression and gave their... Continue Reading →

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