Saturnus – Martyre (2000)

My buddy Ben Smasher has been extolling his favorite death/doom albums recently on his YouTube channel and if you're into that genre mashup of metal you'd do good to check out his video. His recommendations and features are always interesting... Continue Reading →

Solbrud – Solbrud (2014)

I was introduced to Solbrud's sophomore album Jærtegn sometime last year by my buddy Ben and it's been in a semi constant rotation in my ears ever since. With their new album just being released in 2017 and the high level of... Continue Reading →

Invocator – Weave the Apocalypse (1993)

Around this time last year I reviewed Invocator's first album Excursion Demise and extolled it's thrash nastiness. Being from Denmark and being the only other thrash band from Denmark I know of aside from Artillery, they sort of out Artillery-d Artillery with... Continue Reading →

Horned Almighty – The Devil’s Music – Songs of Death and Damnation (2006)

I'm a little surprised I haven't done a post about Horned Almighty and their full on, in your fucking face, blasphemous black metal explosion. They're consistently satisfying and my go to band when I need something thoroughly aggressive and nasty,... Continue Reading →

Denial of God – Death and the Beyond (2012)

This Danish black metal band has been steadily releasing demos and eps since 1992 and only in the 2000's did they get down to making some albums, Death and the Beyond being their second. This one starts with one of those melodramatic,... Continue Reading →

Royal Hunt – Paradox (1997)

Usually when I stumble on to those "under rated" power metal lists I usually at least recognize the bands, whether visually or by name or I've already heard their music. Royal Hun was one of the bands I'd not ever... Continue Reading →

Make A Change… Kill Yourself – Fri (2012)

There's no pussy footing around with this band. Right out of the gate their name tells you so much already. Make A Change... Kill Yourself... depressive suicidal black metal? Am I right? I'm right. It may seem like I'm mocking... Continue Reading →

Invocator – Excursion Demise (1991)

I’ve been in a bit of a thrash mood the past couple weeks. I’ve been jamming some old classics, filling out some discographies here and there, and finding killer new, well, new to me, thrash classics. Take today’s featured band... Continue Reading →

Pretty Maids – Future World (1987)

Do you like kick ass, super 80′s, melodic Danish heavy metal? Of course you fucking do. Good thing Pretty Maids is here to get those fists pumping. Another solid recommendation from my buddy, Pretty Maids are like a snapshot of... Continue Reading →

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