Best of Metal Music 2018

Fuck yeah, it's that oh so special time of year... list time, jerks! The most fucking wonderful time of the year, well maybe not, but I sure fucking love list season. I'm always bowled over by how much stuff came... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 11/29/2018

Holy shit, I got two updates in this month. Unbelievable. Maybe I'll get a couple more in next month on top of my highly anticipated "Best of" lists that I'm sure you're all dying to read. Until then... here's some... Continue Reading →

October 31

I'm sure you've noticed that today is in fact Halloween. My Halloween spirit is near zero this Halloween but that doesn't mean the rest of you can't enjoy the happenings, and I'm here to help. For me, music plays a... Continue Reading →

Deceased – Fearless Undead Machines (1997)

I still love the zombie genre of horror despite how ubiquitous it’s become, but zombies were one of my first true horror loves so they’ve always been cool to me. Despite that statement and despite the overwhelming amount of zombie... Continue Reading →

Deceased – Supernatural Addiction (2000)

It’s October so it’s about time I got some more horror centric bands in here and Deceased are ripe for an entry. Deceased’s 1997 album Fearless Undead Machine is one of my favorite works of zombie fiction. That concept album... Continue Reading →

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