dan swanö

Fleshcrawl – Impurity (1994)

I first became aware of this band a couple years ago when I'll just assume my buddy Ben dropped their Bloodred Massacre album  in along a with a bunch of other killer metal albums for me to hear. I recall they were... Continue Reading →

Fermenting Innards – Myst (1995)

Let's stick with the German black metal theme for another day. This band hits me in three of my nerdy metal spots: Mid 90's black metal, they only have one full-length release, and fucking Dan Swano is involved. Now you... Continue Reading →

Edge of Sanity – Infernal (1997)

My buddy Ben got me on an Edge of Sanity kick and suggested I try their 1997 album Infernal out. I was already familiar with the band, loving their albums Crimson and Purgatory Afterglow but hey, it’s Dan Swanö and... Continue Reading →

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