czech republic

Krabathor – Cool Mortification (1993)

The mighty Avenger quietly released a new album recently and unsurprisingly it's a fucking crusher of an album, but it got me thinking "what are some of the other Czech Republic death metal bands?" Avenger straddle the black/death metal genres... Continue Reading →

Avenger – Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy (1999)

I don't get over to the Czech Republic on this blog very often but when I do I know it's a fucking treat. Despite their small (comparatively) metal output, the Czech Republic is home to some of my favorite metal... Continue Reading →

Master’s Hammer -Jilemnický okultista (1992)

I recently acquired the new Cultes des Ghouls album Coven and of course, it's fucking amazing. It's a "concept" album told in a music play format with scenes and a cast of characters and even a script like lyric book that... Continue Reading →

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