Weekly Playlist 03/22/2019

I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with this site as a whole so this may or may not be the last of these (semi) weekly round ups. The five people who read these will be mildly... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 03/01/2019

Well shit. I guess it's March. That's one month better than February. Regardless of human constructed calendars the metal relentlessly keeps dominating this stupid year. Here it comes now... Grafvitnir - Venenum Scorpionis Grafvitnir have been quietly releasing some of... Continue Reading →

Best of Metal Music 2018

Fuck yeah, it's that oh so special time of year... list time, jerks! The most fucking wonderful time of the year, well maybe not, but I sure fucking love list season. I'm always bowled over by how much stuff came... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 10/12/2018

Half way through October and this month has been unrelenting in it's desire to consume all of my life with amazing new metal. Seems to be the trend this year so far. While the rest of the country falls apart... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Lost – Fear-Strach (2003)

Agrimonia is band that's had me excited for the past couple years with their past two full-length releases. Of all the musical mashups they offer, Crust Punk is always the genre that comes up most when talking about them and... Continue Reading →

Review: Agrimonia – Awaken

This was near the fucking top for most anticipated album of the year for me based solely on how incredible their last album was and like I hoped, and knew it would be, Agrimonia’s Awaken is a fucking triumphant return... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Iskra- Bureval (2009)

Whenever the genre tag "crust" is added to the end of a metal genre I never really know what to expect, even though my collection of black/death/doom/ crust bands is growing larger, I'm always surprised with what that term encompasses.... Continue Reading →

Axegrinder – The Rise of the Serpent Men (1989)

I'm not an expert in crust punk by any means. I do however like a fair number of bands who utilize the style as it's a perfect fit for metal, if you ask me, and I know you did. That,... Continue Reading →

Sacrilege – Behind the Realms of Madness (2015 Reissue of 1985 album)

Reissues seem to be all the craze and there have been some true hidden gems that are finally getting the time in the light they deserve. Take this reissue of Sacrilege’s Behind the Realms of Madness. Relapse Records has remastered and... Continue Reading →

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