Best Non-Metal of 2018

There's a five to ten percent where I'm not listening to metal, or I'm just in the mood for something else, and in that window I find music that is just as impactful for me as metal. I just spend... Continue Reading →

Best of Non-Metal 2017

List-o-mania season is upon us and who am I to fucking deny? It's all the rage nowadays to talk shit about these lists and the the intent of them and everybody wants to be the guard of the "like what... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 12/19/2014

Now that I’ve got my personal “best of” lists up I’ve spent the past week or two exploring things from other peoples lists that have sparked my curiosity. There was no way possible to keep up with the never ending... Continue Reading →

My Top Non Metal Albums of 2014

In case you missed it, my BEST OF 2014 METAL list went up last week, but I often listen to music that isn’t metal. Between metal and non-metal I listened to around 300 albums this year. That’s just new releases.... Continue Reading →

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