Hail Satan – Rad Metal EP Review and Interview

Just the name alone, Rad Metal by Hail Satan, is enough to tell you exactly what the fuck you're in for with this EP. That, being super party, good times focused thrash/speed metal nastiness. Rad Metal is almost a battle cry belched into... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Jag Panzer – Chain of Command (2004)

I may have mentioned it in my other Jag Panzer review, but just in case you missed that, Jag Panzer released their fucking classic debut Ample Destruction in 1984 then fucked off for a decade only to return with the disastrous Dissident... Continue Reading →

Best of Colorado Metal 2017

Metal in Colorado has been blowing up all over these past couple years. From an increase in bands, venues, metal friendly establishments, and so many shows, all the time there's never a lack of something metal to do in our... Continue Reading →

Review: Sar Isatum – Shurpu

I've been toying with the idea with changing up the blog a bit and one idea was to include featured reviews of new albums so when the opportunity presented itself to review the new debut from Sar Isatum I figured... Continue Reading →

Titan Force – Titan Force (1989)

More 80's American power metal! One of the rare opportunities I relish is when I get the opportunity to talk about bands from my neck of the woods, that neck being Colorado. Colorado's metal history is a well kept secret... Continue Reading →

Cellador – Enter the Deception (2006)

Tonight I’m going to see Visigoth and Night Demon tear it up in Denver. They’re bringing their fist-pumping, anthemic, traditional epic metal to our fair city and with them, two local bands are opening: Satan’s Host and Cellador. Satan’s Host... Continue Reading →

Jag Panzer – Ample Destruction (1984)

I have a magnificent weakness for early American power metal. This stuff was so full of bravado, crushing riffs, and a little bit of insanity. It’s so infectious. Not that I don’t like the European stuff (because goddamn I do)... Continue Reading →

Incursus – Eternal Funeral Trance (2009)

Eternal Funeral Trance is the lone full-length release from Nightbringer member VJS. You may have gleamed from these posts that I’m a huge Nightbringer fan but somehow this one escaped me until my buddy told me about it with the... Continue Reading →

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